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    Learn What to Do In The Event That Your Civil Rights Are Abused

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Civil rights violations include incidents of police misconduct and brutality. The following resources provide more information about these topics.

    Have your civil rights been violated? Contact Patrick G. Geckle LLC to learn more about police misconduct and your right to compensation. We are a nationally recognized firm, so call (267) 234-7708 to learn how we can help.

    What to Do Immediately After You Are the Victim of Police Brutality

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Police brutality is more of an issue than many people realize, with officers involved in hundreds of fatalities each year. If you have been the victim of police brutality, it is important to take the following steps immediately after the incident and speak out against the officers involved:

    Document Details
    Begin by writing down the details of the incident. This should include everything you can remember, even minor points. Take photographs of any visible injuries and preserve any clothing you have that was torn, soiled, or stained during the incident.

    Talk to Witnesses
    Were other people present who witnessed how you were victimized? Be sure to get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses and document their observations if possible.

    Seek Medical Attention
    Some incidents may result in only minor cuts and bruises. Other incidents of police misconduct, however, may lead to serious injuries that require medical treatment. If you believe that your injuries are serious, go to your primary care physician, an urgent care clinic, or an emergency room right away for treatment. Be sure to keep records of the costs of your medical care and any documents that discuss your injuries.

    Contact an Attorney
    Some victims assume that the police will not be held responsible for their actions, fear retaliation, or believe that they did something to warrant the brutality. The truth is that police brutality can only be stopped by victims who speak out against the officers. It is important to contact a civil rights attorney who can help protect your rights and fight on your behalf to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

    The attorneys at the law offices of Patrick G. Geckle LLC are experienced in seeking fair compensation and justice for those whose rights have been violated by the police. We have more than 30 years of experience handling litigation in both state and federal courts. Visit our website to find out more about our firm and call us at (267) 234-7708 to schedule a consultation.

    Securely and Discreetly Record Police Interactions with This Free App from the ACLU of New Jersey

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Have you ever been arrested or had other interactions with the police? You know that it can be intimidating and you likely have questions about your rights.


    With this smartphone app, Police Tape, you can hold the police accountable by securely and discreetly recording and storing your interactions with officers. The app also provides legal information about your rights when interacting with police. It is a free app that was developed by the ACLU of New Jersey, and it has received a number of positive user reviews.


    To learn more about your legal rights and whether they have been violated by the police, contact the law offices of Patrick G. Geckle LLC. Call (267) 234-7708 to learn how our firm can help if you have been the victim of police misconduct.

    Police Brutality Statistics That You Need to Know

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Police officers are meant to help in your times of need. Unfortunately, some officers use their position of authority to inflict harm, rather than to help. Police brutality often involves harassment or excessive use of force, such as use of deadly force when it is not justified. To learn more about police brutality, explore the recent statistics discussed below and contact a civil rights attorney to learn about your rights.


    Types of Misconduct
    According to the National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project, the most common type of misconduct reported in 2010 was excessive force, which accounted for nearly 24 percent of reported allegations. Other types of reported misconduct included sexual misconduct, theft, false arrest, civil rights violations, and animal cruelty. Of the excessive force complaints, the majority involved physical use of force. More than 14 percent involved firearm-related excessive force complaints and another 10 percent involved Taser-related cases.


    Fatalities Due to Misconduct
    The same report found that there were 4,861 unique reports of police misconduct in the 2010 calendar year in the United States. There were 247 fatalities associated with these reported incidents.


    Cost of Misconduct
    Police brutality is a horrible abuse of power by people who are supposed to help individuals in times of need. Fortunately, some victims are willing and able to speak out against these officers, and many are compensated for their injuries. In 2010, there were estimated payouts of more than $345 million in civil settlements and judgments. This figure does not include sealed settlements, court costs, or attorneys’ fees.


    Have you been the victim of police misconduct? Contact the law offices of Patrick G. Geckle LLC today to learn more about your rights. We are an exclusive law firm dedicated to helping victims of police brutality and other types of misconduct. To speak with a civil rights attorney, call (267) 234-7708.

    Click Through These Links for More Examples of Police Misconduct

    Last updated 1 year ago

    If you found our recent look at the Miranda Rights and Taser use by law enforcement interesting, look through the following articles to learn even more about these topics:


    • The Miranda rights originate from the amendments inside the Bill of Rights. Click though to read the full text on the National Archives website.
    • In 2010, Indiana police used a Taser gun on a 10-year-old boy instead of attempting to restrain him any other way. Read more about the incident in this news article.
    • On this page, the History Channel explains the story behind the Miranda rights and why their reading is required in all criminal cases in the United States.
    • Have you been charged with a crime in Pennsylvania? Read through the state's criminal code to understand the severity of your charges.
    • Another example of Taser abuse occurred when Chicago-area police electrocuted a diabetic man 11 times with a Taser while he was having a seizure linked to his condition.


    The law offices of Patrick G. Geckle, LLC is a firm with years of experience helping Pennsylvania residents stand up to police abuse. If you have been improperly shot with a Taser or otherwise mistreated by law enforcement, you may have a civil rights case against the department. Call (267) 234-7708 to schedule a free case evaluation at our Philadelphia office.

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